Terms of Use


The lotteries and gaming act 1976 has been explained to me. I am satisfied that L.Millett and I will not contravene the gaming act 2005, as:

I will not be charging my guests for the entertainment provided and therefore will not make a profit for gain.
The ability to win a prize is not the main reason for people to attend the personal celebration.
No cash prizes will be awarded. Due to Health and Safety children under 14 will not be allowed to play on the tables.

I have agreed to pay Ms L. Millett a fixed fee of £*** For All-in Fun Casino Hire services on **** Irrespective of the amount my guests utilize the casino entertainment.

I have paid Ms L. Millett a deposit of £100.00 for the services to be provided by All-in Fun Casino Hire on the above mentioned date, balance of £**** to be paid seven days prior to the event..

Bank details:

In the event of cancellation any deposit paid is non refundable, 50% of the balance will become payable if 15 days or more notice is received, 100% of the balance will become payable if 14 days or less is received.